Sustainability with Alufoil

Aluminium foil containers are fully recyclable. The environmental impact of aluminium foil is diminishing all the time as better collection and recycling technologies are developed. Today, in Europe, more than 55% is recycled. Importantly these containers also add to the fight against food waste by protecting and securing the products, often over long periods. With a more holistic approach to a sustainable environment emerging the aluminium foil container has a proven and reliable track record on a number of levels – not just through its own recycling capabilities. It is truly a container for the 21st Century.

Case Study – Less Material, Lower Cost, Better Product

A downgauging project was the culmination of two years of extensive development. This included material optimization, cost saving, carbon emission cutback and product improvement of a whole container product range. The project partners developed a new alloy with improved mechanical properties. Besides reducing the raw material usage the container production showed a total CO2 reduction of 11%.

Case Study – Stacking Up For The Environment

A smooth wall cup stacks up some impressive numbers in savings on material usage, transport and energy costs, compared with standard cups. Used to pack a range of pastry speciality desserts the cup includes lacquering in black and white PET with a vynilic lid. A new alloy allows a harder temper to be achieved in the annealing process, which helps to maintain rigidity. The result is a material that is 17% thinner and 16% lighter than standard gauge cups, while offering better mechanical characteristics.

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"Aluminium is a material you can work with – it is very formable and has an excellent printing surface. This makes it possible to develop new products and projects in which the contents and appearance of these aluminium trays go together excellently. We therefore have the opportunity to give fresh impetus to the pet food segment and to play an active role in shaping the market."

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