Alufoil for Confectionery

For many types of confectionery alufoil’s barrier and decorative properties can be vital components.

Many chocolate products are stored for long periods but, when exposed to moisture and light, it deteriorates and the surface can quickly lose its attractive gloss. Aluminium foil or laminate offers the best protection, providing a total barrier to light, moisture, and any penetration of aroma and flavour.
Additionally it can be folded tightly to the surface of chocolate. For all types of confectionery, alufoil’s glittering metallic surface also brings colour and impact, adding to the fun and enjoyment of the product.

More detailed information about the LCA of "Chocolate" can be found here.

Chocolate bars

An alufoil wrapper displays quality to the consumer. The crisp, gleaming foil is an assurance that chocolate will be in top condition. What’s more, oncepart of a tablet has been eaten, the rest can be re-sealed and protected thanks to the ‘deadfold’ characteristic of aluminium foil.

Embossing - the extra design dimension

This shape retention property, unique in flexible packaging materials, offers further design opportunities. The metal retains the impression when embossed, even with a very fine texture, ensuring that the brand stays part ofthe product until the last portion is eaten. A colour lacquer or printed designon the unsupported foil can further add to visual appeal and enhance brand identity.

Chocolate novelties

The creativity of the chocolate makers for shapes and novelties knows no limit. There is a chocolate version for every occasion or character – Santa Claus, Easter eggs, rabbits, chicks, Halloween spooks and witches, Valentine hearts, themed fictional characters, gold and silver coins, footballs, sports characters, racing cars, and even mobile telephones. The success of such chocolate shapes could not happen without alufoil’s barrier and deadfold characteristic. Also the print quality achievable ensures a strong likeness to the original character or item. Plus alufoil’s appealing metallic glitter and bright colours do a lot to encourage sales and enhance the consumer’s pleasure.

Biscuits and count lines

Specialist foil converters can provide the protection and decoration to suit the product , production, packaging and retailing requirements of the manufacturer. Foil/paper laminates, for example, further extend strength and machinability without sacrificing ‘deadfold’ which is ideal for sensitive snack products such as bars and chocolate-covered biscuits. Heat-seal and cold-sealcoatings, film laminations and embossed textures are also readily available. High precision slitting and edge quality also ensure performance on modern high-speed automated packing lines.

Boiled sweets and chewing gum

Foil/paper laminates and twist-wraps ensure quality and enjoyment

Even with individual film or waxed paper wrapping, boiled sugar sweets can absorb moisture and lose flavour unless they are enclosed in a sealed alufoil laminate barrier. Twist-wrapped chocolates and sweets also benefit from the extra brightness and protection of an inner layer of alufoil. Laminated wrappers and ‘tubes’ are widely used to protect many brands of fruit flavoured and medicated lozenges as well as chewing gum products.

Protection against insects

For confectionery sold in warm climates, there are special ‘insect proof’ foil specifications. This protection is very effective for products containing nuts or raisins. The heat-seal coating has a very low sealing temperature to protect the product. It is tamper proof, chloride free and FDA approved.

Fresh ideas extend the uses of aluminium foil

Imaginative application of foil-lined cartons can bring a fresh approach to a brand in need of innovation. They provide a long shelf life, are easy to open and sustainable. Push through blister packs are also in growing use to lend long shelf life to products such as chewing gum.

First use of alufoil was chocolate – see history!