Meat and Fish Packaging

Meat, Poultry and Fish

In the packaging of fresh and processed meat, poultry and fish products, aluminium foil offers a great many solutions. The consumer is increasingly looking for the convenience, quality and hygiene which alufoil can deliver.

As a barrier in flexible laminates, alufoil is vital for the long-term quality of sterilised pouches and sachets. It is also used for the hygienic retail packaging of fresh fish sold over-the-counter in Europe’s supermarkets.
Retailers have discovered the advantages of ready-to-cook packs featuring trimmed fresh meat and poultry cuts and fish in sealed alufoil containers. Another success for alufoil containers is their use for the processing and marketing of pâtés and prepared meat recipes.

There are a great many formats to choose from, all delivering the product in top condition:

‘Ready to roast’ and fresh produce packaging

Deep drawn alufoil containers with smooth shoulder rims have established a growing market for prepared, uncooked ingredients. Meat, poultry or fish piece sare presented in ready-to-cook packs, hermetically sealed and protected with an inert gas to reduce oxidation and extend shelf life. The consumer need not handle the raw product while the alufoil dish acts as a heat-conductive cooking vessel with the potential for secondary uses.
At the supermarket fresh fish counter customers can now enjoy the convenience of hygienically heat-sealed individual alufoil packs. No risk of escaping raw juices and the best possible protection for carrying home.

Smoothwall containers for heat-processed products

Originally introduced for small portion packs of pâté etc., sealed smoothwall containers are now used for many meat and fish-based foods. The outcome of close collaboration between container producers and the makers of inks and coatings, the lidded alufoil dish provides an ideal combination of characteristics. It is compact, attractive, fully protective yet easy to open and use.
The lightness of the metal and the stacking format of the empty container delivers space and handling economy during filling. The aluminium finish can be enhanced with coloured lacquers and high quality multi-colour printing.

Pouches and sachets for preserved meat

Pouches suited for sterilization are used in a variety of sizes and formats, saving space and resources. The flexible pack is easy to open and can be re-closed, excluding oxygen. Full or empty, the pouches occupy a minimum of storage space. Flexible pouches can be used for three-dimensional products such as sausages or fish portions and take the shape of the contents, so excluding air before sterilization.

Peel-off closures

Cans for products such as whole and filleted fish are now routinely packed using high barrier, peelable alufoil lidding instead of heavy gauge ring-pulls. This offers consumer convenience and decorative potential. Also, foil-lidded single or multi-compartment alufoil or plastic dishes can provide long life protection for meat-based baby foods, snack meals, soups and other recipes.