Aluminium Release from Container

Intensive testing shows aluminium release from food containers to be well within the recommendations of the Council of Europe

Nehring Consultants (commissioned by the European Aluminium Foil Association, EAFA) conducted a series of tests on the aluminium release of real foods in plain aluminium foil container using the "Cook & Chill" procedure. The tests were done in close cooperation with a catering company in Germany, providing 20 cooked meals from a regular menu. The different meals were selected according to the potential for high aluminium release (potential worst-case scenario). The release of aluminium from six different plain and coated aluminium foil containers into food was determined.

The results can be considered to estimate the average intake of aluminium by consumers who regularly consume warm meals served in plain aluminium foil containers as part of communal food serving, e.g. for children in kindergartens, children at school, employees using company canteens and elderly people.

According to the results of the assessment, the release of aluminium from uncoated aluminium foil containers into cooked foodstuff served as a main course usually remains well below the specific release limit (SRL) of 5 mg/kg according to Council of Europe Resolution CM/Res (2013)9.

Read the detailed results in the final report (English and German)