Sealability with Alufoil

In today’s modern omni-channel retail environment an important factor in any packaging is that it can cope with a certain degree of rough handling and transportation. Thus it is important that any seals are strong and reliable. Aluminium foil containers offer ‘best in class’ sealing reliability over a number of formats and sizes and using a variety of lidding materials. The uniform conductivity of foil ensures sealing can be carried out at speed without the concern for inconsistent seal strength. Sealing and adhesion science has also enabled easy peeling to be achieved as well as the ability to cope with wide temperature ranges. So the seal can cope with frozen and hold its seal performance during cooking and until the consumer is ready to peel and enjoy the contents.

Case Study –Keeping Medical Devices Safe

A resilient container comprising ribbed alufoil plus lidding foil enables a drug delivery device manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to be extremely well protected from moisture ingress while holding it tightly to prevent damage due to impact or movement during distribution.
The design brief from GSK was for the development and industrialisation of a radically different method of containing, protecting, and delivering a vitally important inhalation device to the global market.
So the container manufacturer and its partners utilised their expertise in aluminium conversion technology and knowledge of the material’s packaging attributes to create a durable, very high barrier container based on a deep draw aluminium tray, with a consumer friendly peelable lidding foil.


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"Aluminium is a material you can work with – it is very formable and has an excellent printing surface. This makes it possible to develop new products and projects in which the contents and appearance of these aluminium trays go together excellently. We therefore have the opportunity to give fresh impetus to the pet food segment and to play an active role in shaping the market."

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