Premium Appearance

Premium Appearance with Alufoil

The shine and sheen of aluminium foil means it adds lustre to any container format and offers a premium appearance for the product, whether it is a small cake or a large ready meal. The feel of aluminium is also a factor, the tactile qualities of a smooth metal re-enforce the premium look.

Case Study – Looks Good And Tastes Great

A combination of good ingredients, appetising presentation and not least simple preparation has proved to be the recipe for success for Scandinavian start up Homemate, which wanted to create a better, fresher alternative to fast food and the takeaway market. In addition to the food itself the packaging is a significant factor. The company placed great emphasis on the food looking good all the way to the table. So it selected a black coated aluminium foil container. One of the reasons these containers were chosen was because it was important the products consistently look the same and radiate quality. It is also part of the concept that all dishes should, in principle, be prepared in the same way. When it came to the crunch, there were not all that many choices on the market that met these needs. There were plastic products that could deal with the heat, but they become soft to handle and do not have the exclusive look desired. The black coated alufoil versions fit the brand perfectly, and are workable within the kitchens.

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"Aluminium is a material you can work with – it is very formable and has an excellent printing surface. This makes it possible to develop new products and projects in which the contents and appearance of these aluminium trays go together excellently. We therefore have the opportunity to give fresh impetus to the pet food segment and to play an active role in shaping the market."

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