Multi-Mode Cooking

Alufoil for Multi-Mode Cooking

Aluminium containers can be used across the entire spectrum of cooking methods and a variety of convenient ‘easy to use’ options. Rightly they are the container of choice in the BBQ sector where they can be used direct on the charcoal grill and can offer features such as ‘drain off’ channels and easy handling features for both safety and convenience. But the benefits do not stop there. Aluminium foil containers offer ease of handling and reliable cooking performance in conventional or fan assisted ovens, microwaves or even old fashioned wood burning stoves or ‘ranges’. They are the ultimate ubiquitous container.

Case Study – The End Of The Lukewarm Takeaway! is new takeaway concept in Copenhagen that provides access to quality food, freshly prepared by chefs at Michelin level from a choice of restaurants. This novel way to offer a takeaway service allows the participating restaurants to utilize a ‘dead period’ of the day to prepare meals into aluminium foil containers, which people can pick up on the way home from work. The customer can just pop the meal, which is in a cold, but pre-cooked state, into the oven or microwave and in a few minutes the food is ready!
This elegant concept is made possible thanks to the strength and heat conductivity of aluminium foil. Most pre-heated takeaways lose texture and taste due to the condensation inside the pack. This solution not only eliminates that problem but greatly increases the range of food – including fish dishes – which can be offered.

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"Aluminium is a material you can work with – it is very formable and has an excellent printing surface. This makes it possible to develop new products and projects in which the contents and appearance of these aluminium trays go together excellently. We therefore have the opportunity to give fresh impetus to the pet food segment and to play an active role in shaping the market."

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