interpack 2014

EAFA introduced as special feature at interpack 2014 – live Foil & Taste events. Guests to the stand were able to enjoy many different products: confectionery, coffee, cocktails and wine which use alufoil and aluminium closures to enhance or protect their taste and aroma. Live demonstrations took place every day, showing the important role alufoil and aluminium closures perform for each of these products.

Foil & Taste – Chocolate

Today not only does alufoil offer protection, it reflects the ‘little bit of luxury’ enjoyed across the world. Its shiny surface can be decorated in many spectacular ways to reflect the chocolate’s quality and taste – offering brand enhancement – plus doing a great job as a wrap!

Foil & Taste – Wine

Aluminium closures are simply the best way to ensure the wine in the bottle stays in perfect condition and retains that intoxicating aroma and, of course, its delicious taste. No cork taint and just enjoy a glass or two now and save the rest for later.

Foil & Taste – Coffee

The smell of freshly brewed coffee is only improved on once you taste it! Just alufoil can lock in both the aroma and the flavour to make sure that special moment is guaranteed every time.