Design & Decoration

Alufoil for Design & Decoration

The premium look of natural aluminium can be enhanced in a number of ways. Coatings not only add to the look but also to the performance of aluminium foil containers. In addition they can be embossed and printed to add real impact and brand identity.
Aluminium foil containers can also come in an almost infinite variety of designs and shapes. Deep or shallow, long or short, round or square, these containers can be made to fulfil any number of functions. Creative shapes and formats can be achieved to highlight the product or add strength, ease of handling and for a strong marketing message which emphasizes the product. Different size options are a bonus for the convenience and ‘on the go’ lifestyles, where product
formats are booming. These not only need a reliable and safe container, but also a stylish and modern look and feel.

Case Study – Shaping the Future

Saturn petcare has been successfully operating in the pet food segment for more than 25 years. While pet foods have always included a variety of packaging types, the company has focused on the use of aluminium in moulded shells; originally as rectangular containers in different sizes. But when looking for market differentiation saturn petcare chose a shaped aluminium foil container and lidding system. This allowed the company to create a pack with unique shelf appearance and impact. The entire aluminium foil pack is in the shape of a dog bone, with high quality printing to emphasise bones as one of any dogs’ favourite foods.

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"Aluminium is a material you can work with – it is very formable and has an excellent printing surface. This makes it possible to develop new products and projects in which the contents and appearance of these aluminium trays go together excellently. We therefore have the opportunity to give fresh impetus to the pet food segment and to play an active role in shaping the market."

Thomas Neumann Saturn Petrace