Infoil 56 - Alufoil "on trend"

Judged against the ‘Top Global Consumer Trends 2019’ identified by Euromonitor International, aluminium foil scores high marks for performance and relevance to modern consumer needs.

Today’s consumers expect much morefrom the products they buy, and the packaging it comes in. With over 100 years of service as a material which protects and preserves, aluminium foil is now being scrutinised to meet a new set of criteria. On investigation foil seems to meet many of these new challenges.

Before we see how aluminium foil is doing, it is worth taking a look at some of the challenges being set by consumers of all ages and backgrounds. The Euromonitor report highlights several key aspects of modern living and changing attitudes: age agnostics – older people want to feel, behave and be treated the same as younger persons; Back to Basics for Status – put simply, less is more; Conscious
Consumers – more mindful, respectful and compassionate consumption; Digitally together – more interactive and connected experiences; Everyone’s an Expert – the power has moved from the retailer to the consumer; I want a Plastics Free World – taking positive action on recycling and rejecting single-use packaging; I can Look after myself / Live alone – new ways of dealing with being single.


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