The magic formula for festive delights: aluminium foil preserves the quality and shelf life of chocolate Santas

This year, the German confectionery industry is once again presenting an impressive 167 million chocolate Father Christmases for the festive season, according to a recent survey by the Federation of the German Confectionery Industry (BDSI). Despite a slight decline of 1% compared to the previous year, the sweet variety remains an indispensable element of the Christmas season.

One notable trend is the increased use of sustainably certified cocoa in sweet Christmas figures. According to a BDSI survey, the proportion of certified cocoa in German confectionery in 2022 was an impressive 81%, an increase of 3% compared to the first survey in 2011.

A key aspect in maintaining the quality of festive delicacies is careful packaging, particularly through the use of aluminium foil. Aluminium foil not only ensures a long shelf life, but also preserves the freshness and flavour of the chocolate. These properties are crucial, as chocolate Santas and Father Christmases are often available and purchased weeks before they are eaten.

The use of aluminium foil as a packaging material is an important part of the quality assurance of Christmas treats. The aluminium barrier protects against external influences and helps to ensure that the confectionery retains its high quality. There is also no alternative to using aluminium foil for hollow chocolate figures, as only aluminium foil has the unique deadfold property to perfectly adapt to the shape of the chocolate figure. Thanks to its flexibility, all kinds of Father Christmases are conceivable and feasible.

"In combination with sustainably produced goods, such as chocolate chocolates made from certified cocoa, the use of aluminium foil is a perfect partner. The long shelf life of the chocolate in this packaging reduces food waste," says Patrick Altenstrasser, Communications Manager at the European Aluminium Foil Association, adding: "Thanks to the already high recycling rates for aluminium, the packaging also supports the sustainability of this popular Christmas treat."

Over two thirds of the sweet festive figures have been delivered to food retailers, department stores and specialist retailers in Germany in recent weeks. An impressive third are being exported, with countries such as the UK, Canada, the USA and far-flung destinations such as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa enjoying the sweet masters.

The variety of chocolate Santas and Father Christmases is reflected not only in flavour and filling, but also in different sizes, motifs and shapes - including vegan variants to meet a wide range of consumer preferences.

Further information from the BDSI can be found here.

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