Telling the story of aluminium foil in packaging: new infographic gives the full picture

Why is aluminium foil great for packaging? A new infographic, released by the European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA), has the answers! The cleverly designed infographic covers the three main benefits of aluminium foil in packaging: as a highly effective material with unique properties, its great resource efficiency and its contribution to a circular economy.

In turn, each of these themes highlights clearly in words and pictures key elements of the story. So aluminium foil’s unique physical properties and barrier performances are shown, together with its variable formats and applications. Next its lightweight advantages while maintaining a high barrier performance are explained, which saves both material and energy resources and, at the same time, helps to reduce food waste. Lastly the need for proper collection is emphasised, as are the many industry initiatives to improve its recycling and so recover as much aluminium material as possible. The infographic comes in a simple one-page format and can be used for internal information in workplaces, or as an educational tool, says the Association.

“We wanted to provide an educational tool to explain the great value aluminium foil brings to the packaging sector and highlight the key reasons for that,” explains Marika Knorr, Deputy Executive Director at EAFA. “The infographic has been designed for a broad and varied audience. This way it can help to show younger people why foil is used so extensively, while, at the same time, explain to factory staff and others the positive technical, environmental and commercial aspects of this material.”

“More and more we can demonstrate how aluminium foil is very fit for a circular economy, both in terms of ability and performance. Aluminium material is highly recyclable without loss of quality. Plus the industry, through many initiatives across Europe, is working continuously on improving the collection and recycling of packaging containing aluminium foil. We strongly believe aluminium foil will continue its success as sustainable, but also highly effective packaging material,” she added.

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