Online Game

tl_files/teaser/onlinegame.jpgAlufoil is part of everybody's life and can be found in many items all overthe house. Can you find them all?

Navigate Mr Al U. Foil through his house and let him find productscontaining alufoil.

The animated game challenges youngsters to find alufoil-based packaging ina house by sending Mr Al U. Foil to selected rooms and once in the roomclicking on products which they believe contain aluminium foil. Racing againstthe clock friends can compete against each other and the player or players areawarded points for correct answers while points are deducted when they get theanswer wrong. Graphic explanations and the number of points won (or lost) areprovided for each correct and incorrect selection.

The game allows all contestants to compete against the highest scores fromother competitors by logging results via the game's score card