Tobacco products

Tobacco is a perishable and often expensive consumer product and requirespackaging that delivers it to the consumer in the very best of condition.Alufoil has been an integral part of this process since the 1950s.

The packaging of tobacco products calls for a careful balance between theprotection of a sensitive and aromatic natural product and the presentation ofbrands striving for individual identity and appeal.

Aluminium foil has become the preferred barrier material, particularly forthe inner liner of cigarette packets. This is because it combines the abilityto retain the characteristic aroma peculiar to each blend and brand, within aunique quality of ‘feel’ and appearance which is light, robust and easy to re-seal.An aluminium foil/paper laminate also offers mechanical qualities not availablein alternative materials.

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Cigarette inner liners

Liners are the most familiar and significant use of alufoil due to itsunique combination of barrier, embossing, deadfold and web strength properties.

The total barrier nature of an alufoil laminate is well illustrated by theretention of the added aroma when menthol is added to a cigarette linerlaminate. The foil enables the menthol to permeate within the tobacco butprevents it from escaping to the outside of the pack. Also, added productidentity can be given by the use of embossed designs – textures, lacquercolours and logos.

Carton laminates for cigarette packs

Foil enhances the quality appearance of several premium cigarette brands,at the same time helping to protect important product components such asmoisture and aroma. Embossed logos and designs keep their shape because of thealufoil layer.

‘Soft’ cigarette packets

The advantage of foil’s deadfold is combined with its barrier benefits to produce soft packs.

Loose tobacco

For those who prefer to make their own cigarettes, foil’s deadfold propertyallows temporary re-closure of packs of loose tobacco, conserving moisture andaroma. 

Over-wraps for multi-pack cartons

Decorative foil laminates for large cartons of cigarette packs effectivelyretain the essential characteristics of the tobacco for extended periods.

Cigar sleeves

Used for some smaller cigars, these are an effective equivalent to thetraditional aluminium screw-topped tubes used at the luxury end of the cigarrange.