Ready Meals

The market for ready meals has expanded relentlessly in the past decade. New processes and the increasing demand for greater convenience has increased the variety of foods on offer and improved the quality. At every stage of this expansion aluminium foil has played a primary role in these developments.

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Home meals

Whether inthe form of a lacquered and compartmented individual dish or a traditionallyformed tray alufoil containers can resist almost any cooking and freezingtemperature and can be lidded in a number of formats. Once used, they can beput into the aluminium recycling system for clean, efficient metal recovery.

Fresh meat or fish recipes

Deep drawnalufoil containers with smooth shoulder rims have grown the market for preparedmeals consisting of meat joints and fish dishes. Small meat and poultry cuts canbe presented in the ready-to-cook tray, hermetically sealed and protected withan inert gas to reduce oxidation and to extend shelf life without loss ofquality. The consumer need not handle the raw meat or fish while the dish actsas a heat-conductive cooking vessel with the potential for secondary uses.

Airline meals

Light, quickto re-heat, strong and consumer-friendly, alufoil containers enable millions ofairline passengers to enjoy hot food. The surfaces can be lacquered to conformwith the airline's corporate style and embossed with logos or messages. Clip-onalufoil lids can be colour coded or embossed according to the contents withoutspoiling the presentation. As with all alufoil containers, the used dishes canbe passed directly into the recycling system.

Enormous Choice

Foil'scharacteristics offer great scope for the packaging of many types of chilled orfrozen ready meals and desserts. The ready formability and robustness ofaluminium foil means a large variety of standard shapes and sizes is available.This enormous choice ranges from a tiny dish 35mm in diameter to the biggestcatering size measuring 527 x 325mm, with nearly ten litres capacity. Betweenthese two extremes there are hundreds of shapes and sizes, many with a choiceof rim configuration.

Unique performance

Ideal forthe automated packaging line, foil containers offer ‘whole life' durability. Theycan accompany their contents from hot or cold filling through every stage ofchilling or freezing, lidding and other packaging procedures on to distribution,retailing, cooking or reheating and serving by the ultimate consumer. Combininglightness with stackability containers are easy to handle and store. They are suitable for all types ofcooking and re-heating: grilling, fan and convection cooking, barbecue griddleand microwave oven and are easy to handle, open, use and dispose of.