Insulation and Cable wrap

Whether the insulation task involves heat, light,sound, moisture or gases, aluminium foil is a high performance material. Itshighly reflective surface has, for example, earned it an indispensable place inthe insulation of domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. In ducting andpipework too, where the suppression of heat loss or gain is essential,alufoil’s reflective (up to 98% of light and infrared heat) and barrierproperties make it the material of choice.

The versatility of aluminium foil – easy to laminate,to shape and to coat with a protective lacquer – takes into a great variety ofsituations. Its insulation role extends into fire protection. In ‘fire walls’for vehicles and ships, for fire-resistant doors and building panels, aluminiumfoil with its melting point of around 660 °C and its heat conductivity dissipatesheat and stops access to the oxygen required to support flames.

In electrical cables, aluminium foil is an essentialcomponent providing long-term protection. It also insulates against magneticand radio frequency emissions. Used in fibre-optic cables, aluminium foil actsas a ‘tracer’ to enable testing of the integrity of cable links.


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Building insulation

Efficient wall insulation saves costs and floor space

A foil-base insulation layer can avoid the need for aninner brick skin. The inner surface is an insulated framed dry lining. Afoil-foam lining reduced the wall thickness and maximised the available floorspace in an apartment building.

Maximising available light

Alufoil laminate doesn’t only help to keeptemperatures under control, the highly reflective surface can make the most ofavailable and artificial light – an added cost saving.

Pipework insulation

Pre-formed phenolic resin pipework insulation with aprotective coat of alufoil. Adding to the insulation, the foil also protectsthe surface of the plastic from damage.

Adhesive tapes

Highly reflective and durable alufoil adhesive tape isavailable in widths up to 30 cm. As well as efficiently joining insulationmaterials in, for example, pipework installations, self adhesive alufoil may beused for small scale tasks such as RF screening in electronic equipment etc.

Health and safety

Insulation is not just for buildings. This fast ferrycar deck is lined with an insulating and fire resistant alufoil composite, soenhancing passenger, vehicle and vessel safety.

Roof insulation going into place on a large warehouseproject. The work is fast and efficient and poses no occupational healthproblems – no need for special protective clothing or other safety measures.

Ensuring efficient cabling

In communication cables, aluminium foil giveslong-term insulation against moisture and attack from naturally occurringcorrosive elements found above and below the ground. Aluminium foil also actsas an insulator against the magnetic and radio frequency fields associated withmetal electrical cables. 
As a sheath for fibre-optic cables, aluminiumfoil’ electrical conductivity enables the testing of the integrity of cablelinks.