Aluminium Foil Markets

It is inconceivable today toconsider packaging materials without acknowledging the primary role ofaluminium foil in the marketplace. Likewise for technical applications theproperties of aluminium foil are vital to the effective performance of manyimportant components in transportation, construction and interior design.

Alufoil’s versatility isremarkable, making it an ideal material for many forms of packaging, across allproduct ranges, but particularly food. Its strength, malleability, formability,barrier properties, deadfold characteristics and the ability to stand extremesof heat and cold are unique amongst packaging materials. Foil’s decorativequalities and the fact it can be printed on, lacquered, embossed and laminatedwith other materials means it is the most multi-faceted and ubiquitous materialavailable.

For technical applications itadds lightness, reflective ability, conductivity and robustness to theproperties listed above. This has helped to revolutionize some ‘under bonnet’transport components, combining safety as well as comfort to users. Inconstruction its strength to weight ratio and insulation features helps saveresources and speed the whole building process.

Add to this the fact thataluminium foil saves more resources than are consumed in its production,through the complete value and supply chain, it can truly claim to be theperfect material for many applications. Many of these are explored in detail inthe following pages: