Infoil Archive

Infoil 50Celebrating 50 issues of Infoil
Infoil 49Alufoil Trophy 2016
Infoil 48Sustainability & Recycling
Infoil 47Alufoil Trophy 2015
Infoil 4640 years of EAFA, Foil and Art
Infoil 45interpack 2014 and Alufoil Trophy 2014
Infoil 44Alufoil for a long and healthy life
Infoil 43Alcoholic drinks and aluminium closures
Infoil 42Alufoil Trophy 2013
Infoil 41National dishes / Recycling and young people
Infoil 40EURO and Olympics, 50 years blister, alu story
Infoil 39Alufoil Trophy 2012
Infoil 38Keeping warm in winter, BBQ, SAVE FOOD
Infoil 37Alufoil Trophy 2011, interpack 2011, BBQ
Infoil 36Alufoil in extreme situations
Infoil 35100 years alufoil and sustainability
Infoil 34Alufoil Trophy 2010
Infoil 33Portion Packs & Sustainability, Chocolate LCA
Infoil 32Alufoil Trophy 2009 and drinks
Infoil 31Sustainability and convenience
Infoil 30Teens and kids, online game, sustainability      
Infoil 29Alufoil Trophy 2008, sustainability, innovation      
Infoil 28Microwave, sustainability, pet food      
Infoil 27Travel      
Infoil 26Alufoil Trophy 2007      
Infoil 25X-Mas and Luxury      
Infoil 24Summer and Sports      
Infoil 23Alufoil Trophy 2006      
Infoil 22The "New Young"      
Infoil 21Interpack 2005 Special      
Infoil 20Coffee Special      
Infoil 19General edition      
Infoil 18Alufoil Trophy 2003      
Infoil 17Confectionery Special      
Infoil 16Sustainable development      
Infoil 152002 Foil Packs of the Year      
Infoil 14Dairy Special      
Infoil 13Interpack Special      
Infoil 122001 Foil Packs of the Year      
Infoil 11General edition      
Infoil 10General edition      
Infoil 9Pharma Special      
Infoil 8Container Special      
Infoil 7General edition